Equipping Believers and Ministry Workers

As a ministry leader or worker, have you ever wished that you had a place you could go to replenish your well and restore your faith? As a church leader, who do you counsel with when you need to recharge and invest in your own spiritual growth and development? Perhaps you have some personal challenges that you need to work through in a safe, confidential environment so that you can lead your congregation with renewed strength and focus? Where is your spiritual “safe place”, complete with mentorship and guidance to help you achieve your pastoral goals?

“Personal Mastery is the first mountain that needs to be taken.I came to the McGrane program to equip myself with the armor to be ready to go into each of the 7 mountains.There is no better place for you go to be prepared so we can unite as one for the Kingdom.”

Lance Wallnau

“Bill McGrane (shown left) has the best processing skills
I have ever seen in the world. Bill is a master! He is a safe,
brilliant, an original source that can help serve anyone
who needs to identify their problems and permanently
resolve them in the briefest time possible.”

– Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul,
The One Minute Millionaire

“At The McGrane Global Centers, we equip believers with tools to educate and recharge your ministry. You can learn to clarify your thinking, improve your communications with others, and enhance the way you feel about yourself and your relationship with the Lord.

We do this through our talks, conferences, seminars, confidential consulting and coaching as well our books and training materials.

“After more than 30 years of working in the church, I have never met anyone more adept at helping the individual believer to effectively share what our wonderful Lord has personally done for us as Bill McGrane. Neither have I felt more capable as a leader who needs to strategize a way to get others to understand and support the purpose of the present direction. In the church, that translates into things like effective evangelism, discipleship and even conflict management”
– Pastor David Huggins

For over 45 years, The McGrane Global Centers has helped ministers, leadership teams and thousands of people live and walk their faith in Christ. And we can help you, too. Through our seminars, consulting, personal coaching and development products, in church classes and training the trainers we help people change for the better. It all starts by connecting with us so that we can personally support you and your ministry.

Through our 2 and 5 day personalized seminars, we help you to:

  • expand your creative possibilities
  • discover who God meant for you to be
  • lead and communicate persuasively
  • counseling skills and tools to better help those in need
  • get the tools and inspiration for excellence in your life, ministry and relationships

Whether you need a safe place for your own renewal, want a leadership team retreat, a customized pastoral training seminar or small group programs, call upon us to serve you so that you are more equipped to serve the Lord. We can assist you in developing and preparing yourself and your ministry team with one-on-one coaching and leadership and management skills.

We consider Bill and Linda McGrane our mentors to a deeper and more fulfilling life, marriage, family and helping us impart God’s message to the world. Spend time with them to acquire the leadership skills and tools to re energize yourself and your ministry.”
– Pastor Lance and Annabelle Wallnau

We can help you build a team that will move together in the same direction to create more responsible and effective individuals. We assist with conflict resolution, improved communications, goal-setting and family harmony. We listen, and we have the answers to your biggest challenges. All of our training is customized to your specific needs, with no issues too big or too sensitive to manage effectively. We don’t shy away from the tough or taboo topics; we are a modern, open-minded resource for your most difficult problems.

So don’t wait until your well runs dry before you get the renewal and inspiration you need to be the best leader you can be. You deserve it, and your congregation deserves it, too.

“Thank you for giving me the chance of my life to have the change of my life. As I call it you gave me my BIG HEAL. I was desperate for change. You have an anointing and an appointing by God to help people heal that anyone who wants “breakthroughs” will receive. You got to my core and unlocked and healed me. More importantly I am restored with new energy and focus.” – Teri Werner

Call us today at 859-384-6333; visit us on the web at www.mcgrane.com, or simply fill out this web form and someone will call you right away. We want to help you get the support you need.

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    Equipping Believers and Ministry Workers