Balancing Life With Self Esteem & Art of Asking Questions Set( AUDIO and BOOK)


Want your life to REALLY go the way you want it?
Need to get back on track?
Looking for ways to get more out of life?
Inside these pages you will find proven principles to bring balance and order in all areas of your life.
Develop the seven key areas of life
Discover your true self-esteem
Release what keeps you disconnected from yourself and others
Create your balanced ideal lifestyle
Communicate as a wordsmith
Ask questions that inspire conversation
Live with more acceptance of yourself and others
Get and stay on the road to the life you have always wanted to live

“This book is so simple and yet powerful. The information changes  paradigms, lives, relationships, actions and outcomes.”

Art of Asking Questions 6 Audio Set
Communicate at your best so you can handle any conversation at home and at work
Is your communication getting you all the results your want?
Do you really want to find ways to
enhance your persuasive skills?
If you could improve one aspect of your communications skills what would it be?
Is it possible that asking questions would make a difference?
This CD set will
assure people want to speak with you.

  • Volume 1 – Know the five preliminaries to asking great questions
  • Volume 2 – How to ask safe, closed and open questions
  • Volume 3 – Asking interview and congruent questions
  • Volume 4 – The process of asking effective questions
  • Volume 5 – Live examples and stories of the art of asking questions
  • Volume 6 – Bonus – On the air interview with Bill McGrane (Approximate Running Time 45 minutes)
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